Managed Accounts

Trading is no doubt time-consuming. You must study hard and take important decisions to become a successful trader in today’s highly competitive market. You might have heard about trading and have the interest to trade, but time has been a limiting factor and stops you from making progress. If you fall into this category of investors, then there is a solution for you.

The good news is you do not have to sit in front of a computer to trade every day.

Axiom Capital provides managed account service for all customers that cannot follow their account’s activity closely as they would like to. The service helps busy customers to make profit while not actively trading on their account – this is done through the work of Axiom Capital’s expert traders that define the best strategies for profit generation.


Traditional managed accounts

With this service, your money is placed into the market and traded through a conservative approach, making it grow slowly but steadily. For such an account, the minimum amount required for funding is $20,000.00 (entry level) or the cryptocurrency equivalent.
With traditional managed accounts, your capital must remain in the account for two years before you can initiate a withdrawal. After four months, you can start withdrawing the dividends if you wish to. We have managed tons of this type of accounts and observed that the amount of profit you earn depends greatly the personalised risk profile set on the account.
Further diversification will be needed in your traditional managed account as it starts to generate more capital. It will give us the opportunity to grow your funds and make more profits.


Diverse arbitrage managed accounts

The entry level investment requirement for this type of account is $50,000.00 or the cryptocurrency equivalent. And unlike the traditional managed account, you must wait at least a year before you can start withdrawing the capital. After four months, you can start collecting some of the profit from your account. However, also remember that the percentage of profit you receive will depend largely on the type of managed account you are operating with.
Your diverse arbitrage account management will be carried out by one of our finest brokers, who will also work with top analysts as well as highly successful traders. The profit potential is the highest in such account because it is treated as an individual account. The growth of such an account is also exponential, as it harnesses numerous advantages in the market through the expertise of our best brokers and traders, as well as a variety of crypto prices.

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FX and CFDs are complex trading instruments and come with high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 55% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading with this provider and or with any provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs and other investment vehicles work and if can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Cryptocurrencies markets are unregulated which are not governed by any specific European regulatory framework
(including MiFID). Therefore when using our crypto currencies services you will not benefit from the protections available to clients receiving MiFID regulated investment services, such as access to (ICF)/the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) and the Financial Ombudsman Service for dispute resolution the Cyprus Investor Compensation Fund.

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